Preparing for Launch

Doves released at 2023 USC Commencement

Advise USC, our new academic advisement platform, is scheduled to launch for the pilot groups at the end of June. Advising staff in our three pilot schools have been asked to participate in a robust training process to assist them in becoming proficient in the platform and its many helpful, time-saving features. 

Pilot School Training Schedule 

  • June 6-18: SME Training – Pilot School’s Advising Subject-Matter Expert(s) (SMEs) participate in Train-the-Trainer preparation sessions.
  • June 19-23: Advisor Asynchronous Training – Training has been designed in an asynchronous format to allow for the greatest flexibility. Advisors will watch pre-recorded videos to familiarize themselves with the platform and its functionality. Videos will be available on the CAA Website.  
  • June 26-30: Go-Live – Advisors will engage with the live platform. SMEs will offer hands-on sessions to answer questions and assist with setup activities. 
  • July 1-31: Post-Launch Ongoing Trainings: Snippet training videos and documentation will be released to support ongoing training. SMEs and an experienced Support Team will remain available during the summer for help and to answer questions.  
  • Feedback Loop: The Project Team will provide ongoing opportunities to gather feedback and suggestions for improvement.  

We are excited about the pilot launch of Advise USC, and look forward to working with members of the advising community to make it successful in every respect.  Shortly after the launch of the new system for the pilot groups, the project team will move into the next phase of development to enhance Advise USC for a broader range of academic programs across the university. Onboarding of additional graduate programs will begin later this summer as well. For those graduate programs interested in joining Advise USC, we encourage you to contact us at or fill out our feedback form.

For a first look at the Advise USC Student Success Hub and Student Portal, please watch Dr. Sarah Holdren’s presentation at the biannual Council of Academic Advisors conference on May 30, 2023.

Dr. Sarah Holdren demos the Advise USC Student Success Hub at the Council of Academic Advisors Conference on May 30, 2023.

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