Program History and Goals

The spark that has grown to become Advise USC started in Fall 2020 with the goal of replacing the aging, homegrown platform called Advisement Database (ABD).  The project team reviewed 8 platforms and met with counterparts at 4 peer institutions to learn about their journeys implementing advisement platforms.  Each institution expressed the importance of organizational alignment within the platform of choice. 

The organization alignment efforts began in February 2022 when the program steering committee was first convened. The committee met over six weeks to analyze the current versus desired experiences surrounding academic advising through multiple lenses. 

The Advise USC Program will bring a platform to campus that will integrate advising departments across campus and embrace all students’ entire academic endeavors. 

Meet the Program Steering Committee

Program Sponsor:
Dr. Andrew McConnell Stott
Vice Provost for Academic Programs and Dean of the Graduate School
Grant Derderian
Chief Technology Officer
Dr. Sarah Holdren
Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Advising
headshot of kedra ishop
Dr. Kedra Ishop
Vice President for Enrollment Management
headshot erica lovano mccann
Dr. Erica Lovano McCann
Assistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education
headshot rebecca romero
Rebecca A. Romero
Senior Application Administrator
Steve Schrader
Steve Schrader
Assistant Dean, Academic Services and Programs
Dr. Ashley Smith
Director of Customer Relationship Management Applications
Harold Waters
Dr. Harold Waters
Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Academic Advising
Laura Yoneda
Associate Dean, Information and Technology

Meet the Project Leader

Ryan Rozan
Technical Project Manager
Meeting Availability

Meet our Implementation Partners

Cloud for Good is a certified B Corporation and a Salesforce Partner specializing in technology implementations for higher education institutions.  With over 2,500 implementations completed, Cloud for Good helps clients create transformational value with technology.  Providing organizations with the opportunity to focus on their mission is what drives the team at Cloud for Good.  www.cloud4good.com   
 ITS is committed to providing a modern technology infrastructure that is resilient and delivers the performance necessary to meet the demands of a growing customer base, training in the latest technologies for a highly productive and motivated workforce, outstanding customer experience, and technology services that are aligned with the university’s mission to provide exceptional learning opportunities for students.  itservices.usc.edu

Meet our Pilot Schools