Advise USC is Live!

On June 27th, we celebrated the launch of Phase One of the Advise USC initiative by welcoming sixty advisors from our pilot groups into the live Advise USC platform – our new state-of-the-art advising tool for USC. Students in pilot group programs were granted access to their self-service portal on July 17th.

On August 7th, we extended an invitation to all USC graduate programs. We plan to onboard additional graduate programs during the fall semester.   

Phase Two began on July 24th with discovery and build focused on undergraduate students, their advising needs, and the processes that support their degree progress. Eighteen undergraduate advising subject matter experts from across the university are participating in this phase of the project. They will become trained experts in the new platform. With their help, we will welcome hundreds of academic advisors and student support staff into Advise USC later this year. 

Advise USC represents the most significant upgrade to academic advising for a generation. This is a transformational project for USC – one that establishes the modern infrastructure required to support a university of our scale, complexity, and ambition. We thank the university community for its continued support.